Pilkington OptiShower™

Pilkington OptiShower™

Anti-corrosion glass for the bathroom

Pilkington OptiShower™

Over time, glass exposed to water, heat and humidity can corrode, reducing its natural transparency and aesthetics.

Pilkington OptiShower™ is a durable, on-line coated clear float glass designed to prevent surface corrosion when exposed to water, moisture and humid environments.

Pilkington OptiShower™ can be further treated for additional functionality by shower cubicle/enclosure manufacturers to help make the water slide off the glass faster making it easier to clean and giving better protection. By preventing oxidation of the glass, Pilkington OptiShower™ allows these subsequent treatments to adhere better to the glass and increase their durability.

If the subsequent water repellent treatments deteriorate over time, Pilkington OptiShower™ still guarantees its performance to prevent the glass from corrosion.

The ideal glass for transparent and clean showers over time

Pilkington OptiShower™ is the ideal glass solution for use in humid environments. 

It offers a modern and easy-to-clean shower solution. For standard glass cleaning, we recommend using a soft cloth, water and a neutral detergent. Avoid aggressive products that could damage the coating thus compromising the glass transparency.

The product is also available in extra clear version Pilkington OptiShower™ OW (coating on low-iron extra clear Pilkington Optiwhite™ substrate).

Comparative analysis

Aging tests at high temperatures and humidity demonstrate that Pilkington OptiShower™ limits the corrosive process and limescale deposits compared to untreated glass.

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Pilkington OptiShower™ offers following benefits:

  • Durable, on-line coated clear float glass that provides a protective barrier to reduce corrosion and facilitate ease of cleaning the glass surface.
  • Thanks to its high abrasion resistance, the durable pyrolytic coating does not deteriorate during the lifetime of the shower enclosure and retains its properties over time.
  • Easy to process using standard techniques. It can be toughened, curved, laminated and also screen printed on the coated side.
  • Suitable for further additional treatments to improve limescale protection and aid cleaning.
  • Available in an acid-etched version, Pilkington OptiShower™ Opal, which offers an elegant design solution for greater privacy.
  • Available in extra clear version Pilkington OptiShower™ OW (coating on low-iron extra clear Pilkington Optiwhite™ substrate).

Easy cleaning

Thanks to the special durable pyrolytic coating, Pilkington OptiShower™ allows easier cleaning by reducing the corrosive processes of glass.


  • Shower cubicles, shower enclosures and wall coverings around the bath.
  • Pilkington OptiShower™ can also be used in other applications such as maritime and naval industries thanks to its high corrosion resistance over time.

Reference Standards

  • EN 14428 (Shower walls - Functional requirements and test methods) 
  • EN 1096-2 (Class A - Building Glass - Coated Glass)