Pilkington Insulight™ Sun

Pilkington Insulight™ Sun


The main purpose of Pilkington Insulight™ Sun units is solar control. It can be combined with low emissivity glass helping to reduce the solar heat gain by up to 70%. This brings comfort in rooms all year round, with solar control glass to protect against excess heat in the summer, and low emissivity glass to protect against heat loss in the winter.

Pilkington Insulight™ Sun brings the benefits of a wide range of Pilkington solar control glass types:

  • Pilkington Optifloat™ Tint
  • Pilkington High Performance Tints
  • Pilkington Solar-E™
  • Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™
  • Pilkington Eclipse™
  • Pilkington SunShade™
  • Pilkington Suncool™
  • Pilkington Reflite™ 

By incorporating specially tinted or coated glass into Pilkington Insulight™ Sun, this range reduces heat in glazed areas during summer months, whilst maintaining a high level of natural daylight.



The major benefits of Pilkington Insulight™ Sun units are:

  • reduction of the permeability of solar energy while retaining appropriate levels of light transmittance,
  • reduction of the overheating of rooms,
  • reduction of air-conditioning/ventilation costs,
  • wide range of technical parameters and visual effects.

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