Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™

Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™


Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ is a range of high performance solar control on-line coated clear or body-tinted glass, with unique colours and low-emissivity properties.

Specifically designed for use in countries with a warm climate, well-suited to both commercial facades and residential applications, the products offer unique colour options for original and innovative architecture designs. 

Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ can be combined with another low-emissivity glass in an Insulating Glass Unit to achieve even higher levels of thermal insulation.


Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ offers a wide range of benefits:

  • high performance solar control with medium light reflectance and transmittance,
  • further improved thermal insulation performance when combined in an Insulating Glass Unit with a low-emissivity glass,
  • unique colours offer designers original and innovative architectural options,
  • wide range of matching spandrel panels available,
  • highly durable coated product easy to handle and proces,
  • can be laminated, toughened, bent and enamelled using standard techniques,
  • can be used in monolithic form or incorporated in Insulating Glass Units,
  • highly attractive colours (Clear, Arctic Blue, Blue-Green, Bronze, EverGreen and Grey) to suit a wide range of design requirements,
  • available in laminated and acoustic laminated forms, to provide additional safety, security or noise control properties,
  • available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.


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