Pilkington Screen Printed Glass

Pilkington Screen Printed Glass


EPD VerifiedPilkington Screen Printed Glass is a clear or tinted float glass, which has been printed with ceramic ink designs and subsequently toughened, a process which also fires ceramic paint into the glass surface.
Pilkington Screen Printed Glass is available in wide range of colours and designs that fully or partially cover the surface of the glass.

Pilkington Screen Printed Glass gives strength, safety, privacy, decoration and solar control in one product. Ceramic coverage on the screen printed glass helps to control heat and light transmission. The shading coefficient of clear and body tinted glass is reduced, thus allowing greater flexibility of choice and design.
Pilkington Screen Printed Glass can be used in wide variety of applications including doors, bus shelters, telephone kiosks, display signs etc, in addition to the more traditional glazing of partitions, windows and facades.

Pilkington Screen Printed Glass combines aesthetic and functional requirements for use in in partitions, roof glazing and external walls. It can provide dramatic decorative effects or simpler designs for privacy or solar control.


Pilkington Screen Printed Glass offers following benefits:

  • control of solar heat and light transmission,
  • privacy,
  • wide range and flexibility of designs - standard or bespoke,
  • high durability of ceramic ink,
  • no colour fading,
  • up to 5 times stronger than ordinary annealed glass of the same thickness,
  • high thermal stress resistance,
  • glass breaks safely,
  • can be single or double glazed,
  • can be subjected to additional heat soak treatment, where required.


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